September 19, 2010

Conflict Moscow-Peking, the Communist Party of Indonesia

Conflict Moscow-Peking, the Communist Party of Indonesia

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DN Aidit justify siding with Peking while the other Central Committee chairman Bung Njoto siding with Moscow? So that Moscow and Peking became a choice as one of the mecca for the Indonesian Communist Party in the '60s.
    In those days there really is a man who was in love Njoto Russian journalist, call Nina. Relations between the two lovebirds were very disturbing DN Aidit chairman of Central Committee in enforcing party discipline. Party expressly forbids high leadership and members more than one wife, also forbids divorce without any reason.
    Intellectual-looking Njoto was indeed a genius, he ruled all the kinds of knowledge and can talk from music to painting, to the Marxist theory of the complex. Even Njoto known as a ghost writer for the Bung Karno because his writing style very similar to the Bung Karno. As a powerful writer who often writes speeches Njoto Bung Karno if requested by the Great Leader's Revolution.
    Bung Njoto introduction by the journalist in Russia since Moscow, Nina, the latter was very good at speaking fluent Indonesian and even Java kromo and ngoko. Whether Nina was the KGB agent or Khong Guan Biscuit never found out, because Russia has no tradition of opening its intelligence archives and then twenty-five years since the event as did the United States.
    Predictably this was supple Njoto a special interest Nina, Nina dressed casual for the size of its warehouse famous Russian beauties. That's about going even further than that Njoto intend subsequently divorced his wife and marry the Nina.
    DN Aidit also intervene and through other parties trying to persuade Njoto to dissuade it. So finally after a number of ways pursued and are not effective, then the chairman also called Njoto in the politburo meeting, which was attended by all Party officials. Njoto given an ultimatum to submit to party discipline or dismissed as a Party member.
    The story expanded into a tearful emotion when Njoto decided subject to the Party and left the Russian girls. And fell another decision the Chairman suspended the Politburo Njoto as one of five men, Lukman, Njoto Oloan Hutapea, Sudisman, and DN Aidit.
    G30S erupted when the status Njoto is not one member of the Politburo Central Committee Communist Party of Indonesia. Party is undergoing a sanction so Njoto as not involved whatsoever in the decision and action of the Party which relies on the G30S.
    Njoto died in Jakarta were massacred by the Army without going through a trial, so does the DN Aidit military shot dead on November 23, 1965 at approximately Boyolali, Central Java, in the period 1965-1966 the communist purge.
    That's what really happened and by laymen called Moscow-Peking conflict, which in fact just the right issues and the sheer love of conflict is the party top brass ....

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