G30S General Soeharto

Colonel Abdul Latief

Pledooi: Suharto Involved G30S

Colonel Abdul Latief
Evening 30 September at around 21:00 Head of Territorial Infantry Brigade Command V Jaya Colonel Abdul Latief report to the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital to meet with Maj. Gen. Soeharto as head of the Army Strategic Reserve Command.
    "Good evening, sir," said Abdul Latief when he met Suharto inpatient unit. Then they moved to a safe place alone in a corner of the hospital.
    "Tonight, I have something to report, Colonel?" Suharto friendly welcome as usual. Then was he forced to be in place to stay with one of their children affected by gravy soup.
    "Sir, tonight we were a few companies of troops will be moved to bring before the General Council member Mr President!" Latief said rather slowly. Suharto was shocked for a moment, but stay calm and try to smile to hide his surprise.
"Thank you for your report, Colonel. Let's hope tonight successfully. I will help with support if there is nothing." Suharto really want to know more about the details of the movement, to anyone who leads and to the house where the generals of each army, and how their position before and after its mission. Suharto did not ask anything because it could lead to suspicions of Colonel Latief, therefore Suharto promised something that maybe he gave me and of course prompted by the movement thereof. They consider Suharto "good person". Thus they do not hide things from the Army's top brass.
    Movements that night, as everyone knows generate failure because some generals who were targeted had been killed. This case scenario is outside the movement. Error indeed been made by various parties. The movement's commander Colonel Untung Syamsuri but he's not the real brains are behind the movement. With these errors, the movement leaders were arrested and eventually convicted by a group of "good guy" Major-General Suharto, who turned to attack and destroy the movement.
    Suharto mobilize all its potentials and resources to hit back at the Soekarno government sabotage the movement at once by holding all the people who do not support him or not can be ascertained his position in the situation that developed in the direction of chaos or chaos.
    Colonel Abdul Latief suddenly found himself curled up in jail already added some of the bullets that lodged in his body. Doctors not care for her and took the bullet that make some members of his body around a bit the bullet embedded rot until out maggots.
    Meanwhile, on the other side General Haji Mohammad Suharto fated circumstances upside down with Colonel Latief, he became the number one most powerful in this country.
    Pledooi was read in court for almost ten years later since Latief go to jail. Detention period that was still ongoing until almost a total of 30 years. Latief who breathe the free air is only about five years it finally died leaving no historical record to be offered to readers in the future young generation is interested in the history of his own country.

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