October 5, 2010

Lapindo mudflow and Rebel Curse Majapahit

Lapindo mudflow and Rebel Curse Majapahit

mbah subowo bin sukaris

Raden Wijaya or Krtarajasa to establish the kingdom of Majapahit with the help of his friends the captains of the forces of war: Ronggolawe, Lembu Sora, Kebo Anabrang, Nambi, Kuti, Semi. All friends are from all around the core region of Majapahit Tarik forest area. Ronggolawe derived from Tuban to the west of Majapahit. Another friend came from the southeast and east. Raden Wijaya ruled for 17 years, after the death of his who just had a son of Princess Malay, Dara Petak next to his other daughters, so the throne fell on Jayanegara or Kala Gemet in 1309. This is not satisfactory for the founder of Majapahit warrior companions by reason Jayanegara not the right person to bring justice to the people of Majapahit. In addition, the friends want power in their region after the death of Raden Wijaya, of course it means rebelling against the government and king.
    A noncommissioned Bayangkhara, the king's attendants, Gajahmada originating from the eastern region appears eradicate all of the rebellion. Battle of the heaviest for Gajahmada when against Lembu Sora, both derived from the same region, the region of Mount Kelud, Blitar. Ronggolawe from Tuban to cut off around 1309, and the last rebel  Ra Kuti from around the region Probolinggo. Thus Gajahmada become the most powerful man in the Majapahit after queen Tribuwana Tungga Dewi who took the throne replace Jayanegara.
    Majapahit armies numbered several thousand, led directly by the Mahapatih pursuing rebel forces led by Lembu Sora until far into the forest area Kelud. Because they both come from the area so well that hunted and pursuers alike know the ins and outs of the area.
    In the battle of life and death contest between Mahapatih Gajahmada supernatural powers and Majapahit elders Lembu Sora loyal to the Raden Wijaya each singing a poet of magic that stir all coarse and fine creature Kelud residents and of course the troops from both sides. Then a voice came the curse of Lembu Sora, "Seksenono yo, poro Danyang sing mbaurekso Kelud yen Kelud iki njeblug Blitar bakale dadi latar, Tulungagung bakale dadi kedung, Kediri bakale dadi kali, Sidorejo bakale dadi rowo, lan Suroboyo mbalik nyang asale." Lembu Sora fall with a keris Majapahit embedded in his body, the Majapahit empire which he fought with the spirit of his body so it can stand firm that is what is now a take a life from his body.
   His hand clutching a bloody keris mark Mahapatih rank after defeating and punishing Lembu Sora honorable way Gajahmada spontaneous reply to curse it, "Seksenono iki sumpahku ora mangan kabeh woh-wohan sing ono nduwur uwit nganti sak Nusantoro kabeh dadi jagade Mojopait."

Subowo bin Sukaris
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