Pramoedya Ananta Toer On the Edge Bekasi River

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

On the Edge Bekasi River

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Proclamation of August 1945 was to reverberate throughout the archipelago. Kingdom of the Netherlands for ever never want to acknowledge the independence of Indonesia in 1945. Nica Dutch authorities and the Dutch Colonial Army troops went back into the main port of the time, anchoring and Tanjung Perak is also greater outside the Java port to resume his ambitions re-occupied Netherlands East Indies which was abandoned by the Japanese Army who lost the battle.
     Republican forces also recently formed must hurry to prepare the battle facing the Allies winning World War II. The Dutch tried to hitchhike British forces began preparing a military attack on the young Republic.

     Republican forces are concentrated in the outskirts of Jakarta was in Cikampek base areas, Bekasi, Kranji, and openwork. Railway stations along a hundred miles since Jatinegera extending up Highway is an important field that maintained the Republic. Transportation of remains turned on by the Netherlands and the Republic for bringing supplies into New York: Staple food and humans. Dutch blockade of the entrance to the Jakarta apply to members of the Republican army and the criminals. 
     Republic of the official army and paramilitary troops and Hezbollah, Pesindo, together with people ,shoulder to shoulder holding Dutch territory to expand outside the city of Jakarta. 
     Means of transport diesel-engine train that brings all sorts of human and among them there are heroes and traitors to the Republican forces who are paid by the Dutch and the British to spy on the position and strength of forces that usually puts the command post at the station operational. 
     Military equipment of a soldier or commander has not been standardized, their weapons also depends on what they can get it back from the Netherlands. A register to be a soldier with a shotgun is higher in rank than the registrant empty-handed. 
     Accommodation for the soldiers just a shelter to sleep and shower plus a minimal food rations. A case of salary should not be expected, because it relies on donations of military personnel voluntarily when people go into battle. 
      Military operations that leave from train stations are pro-republican forces means left to die as a hero. When the Dutch forces such as luck or just a few enemies can withstand the strong arms can stay home with the happy and sad because my friends who fall more than the survivors. 
     Soldiers of the Netherlands and the Republic who were captured fighting usually despatched and body thrown into the nearest edge of the Kali Bekasi battle area. Residents on the shores of Kali Bekasi who discovered the Republic squad members will relate to the bodies buried directly in the mainland troop surroundings. 
     And for the soldiers of the Republic who died and his body can be brought to the base then the funeral to get a full military honor. 
     Pramoedya Ananta Toer with several books including "On the Edge Kali Bekasi"so vividly describes her participation in the War of Independence.
     People's war to maintain the independence of the universe that are truly moral and material endorsement of the Indonesian population was then rightly he is also entitled to bear the title of Hero of personal Pram. But he never demanded to be recognized let alone trying to get a medal fighters. During his New Order government even banned all his works were written during the exile. So the Republican has ever come even fought back to make him a prisoner instead threw it away down to Buru Island prison camp. All that without going through the normal court. And thrown into the face of accusations that Pramoedya Ananta Toer is involved Movement September 65 plus charges allied with the Communist Party of Indonesia.
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